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The pandemic has affected all economic sectors, not least the Manufacturing and Automotive sectors.
The collapse in car sales on a global scale requires manufacturers to rethink their strategies with new tools and a new vision.
The imperative is to look to the future, with a particular focus on those countries that have preceded us on the time scale of the pandemic’s evolution and are now proceeding with the progressive loosening of restrictive measures.

But what will the automotive sector look like after this lock-down?

Several observers are looking at China, a country that after a total closure has managed to re-emerge from the epidemic and is gradually returning to normal.

Sales in China tumbled 79% in February, 43% in March, before rising 4.4% in May compared to the previous year1. The restart of the sector is mainly due to two main factors: state’s policies supporting the renewal of the circulating fleet, and the propensity of users to prefer private vehicles at the expense of public transport, as private transport is judged more secure2.

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