• Real Estate Consultancy

    Fortebis Group provides professional consulting to major property and investment groups and sgr, both nationally and internationally, by enhancing, repositioning, relocating, and reevaluating our clients’ assets. The program and the product/project concept are the result of the customer’s business and of the study of the relevant market. Consulting services help clients identify the right real estate solutions, thereby avoiding the time and costs of acquiring and/or altering space without thoughtful rationale.

    Real Estate Consultancy Services (11):

    Portfolio Assessment
    Advisory – Buying and Selling, Lease
    Due Diligence
    Feasibility Studies
    Building Evaluation
    Valorisation Scheme/ KPI Evaluation
    International Standards Required by the Tenant Market
    Certification of the Projects
    Certification of Energy Performance
    Green/Sustainable Architecture Assessment
    Green/Sustainable Architecture Audits